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The 'UX/UI' basics course presents students with the basic concepts of user experience and the standard methodologies and tools in the world of digital design and in the high-tech industry. This year's theme centered on "COVID", as students were asked to identify design opportunities related to this unique period and characterize solutions for the digital world using Design Thinking principles.

Tehila Wagner and Adi Zaidel


An app for young people which is a platform for alternative encounters in times of physical distance.

adizaidel2 , tehilawagner

Linoy Ovadia and Yael Benhamu


A social app for people traveling abroad during COVID that contains all relevant information about restrictions in each country and also provides an organizer to keep all your necessary documents for travel.


Plia and Hadar


An app for Corona patients and recoveries that helps going back to the previous routine of life.

pliahmandell , Hadar.sass

Hillel Rani and Rotem


A system that includes a learning system website and an app that centralizes and accompanies the teacher in all phases of distance teaching, from the stage of building the lesson, delivering it, and answering students' questions.


Sarel Hai and Hadar

Bdude App for Quarantine Patients

The new reality of the COVID pandemic has forced many people to live in isolation for fear of infection. Isolation can last from several days to two weeks, a long and often difficult experience that may provoke loneliness, missed opportunities, decreased motivation, emotional suffering, and frustration. Our research stemmed from the desire to ease this difficult experience and utilize this time productively, revealing several key issues we addressed in our app design and development. It can only be used during isolation, providing users with a sense of community, and conveying that they are not alone. Its functions are designed to create a daily schedule while setting personal goals for maintaining sanity and routine habits. To combat FOMO (fear of missing out), we created a system that links all other isolated people in your area, allowing users to buy and send each other token gifts with the app, reducing loneliness. Another function developed during our research was the community building platform to share experiences, insights, and provide mutual emotional support. This community is created in real time, a unique social media platform only open to people during their lockdown period. Another function offers a range of possible activities that can be personalized to each user according to their hobbies and length of isolation. These establish a daily agenda that culminates at the end of the isolation period. Additionally, users can ask for help from a friend if they lack a certain item and cannot go out themselves.

sarelat89 , hai_smama

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