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A workspace that provides a solution to work in the public space


Moderator: Dov Ratan

Work culture is changing rapidly with the development of technology. These changes require regular and rapid assessments, as well as adjustments, to reduce the gaps and address these ever-changing needs. WORK.BOX provides a solution to the dramatic changes taking place in the labor market and enables work in the public space. The space contains an opaque and pleasant part along with an open and shaded part. The unit contains vegetation, allows for a variety of ergonomic options and encourages interaction and collaboration. The complex space allows for a wide and fast deployment that does not depend on changing or adding infrastructure in the public space.

"... but outside something in the landscape makes you feel more comfortable.
When you're here with the birds you feel like you're part of nature,
You are calmer and there are fewer things that interfere
to you..."

Eldad Yaakobi

A little about me

Gal Etach

A man of the people. I have lived and breathed creation and design from a young age. I utilize my design processes to improve people's physical and mental quality of life. I love to engage in what is hot, relevant and interesting to me, hence the project theme choice.

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