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Wild bee nesting house for your backyard.


Moderator: Gidon Dotan

Wild bee populations have been pushed out of their natural habitats due to growing human presence, prevalent use of insecticides, and a human priority to preserve honeybees. As bees constitute the most reliable pollination factor in nature, harm to this species endangers all future ecological balance.

A wide array of hives in privately owned backyards can address this need, bolstering a greater variety of bees in our environment.


Yariv Sharabi

A little about me

Yariv Sharabi

Loves life and sociable. Loves people, nature, yoga, painting, sculpting and climbing walls.

Loves to create innovative perspectives, share and develop different ideas, challenges and thinking out of the box. Has a prolific imagination and is not afraid of failure.

My studies and interest have given me a broad perspective, so I connect to the process of designing and building products from start to finish.

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