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Toothbrush for people with special needs



Advisor: Yoram Pony

Text: Children with cerebral palsy are twice as likely to develop oral hygiene problems.

Cerebral palsy does not directly cause oral issues but lack of muscular control and the intake of high-sugar medications do lead to such problems. 

My project is focused on strengthening children's abilities and independence as much as possible, enabling them to brush their teeth effectively and by themselves. In my research, I also held interviews with experts and conducted observations of children's activities to better understand their needs. SOLO is designed to compensate for the difficulties and limitations I observed among children.

Small changes [to products] can make all the difference

Miriam, occupational therapist

Encouraging children to use skills they already have and give them an enormous sense of independence

Miriam, occupational therapist

Active research

final product


About me

David Attias

Since I can remember I have always been curious to understand how things work. I have often looked for broken or deficient objects and taken on the challenge of repairing them while using whatever resources available, particularly creativity. My starting point as a designer is empathy, efficiency, and problem solving. My design viewpoint is influenced, among other things, by the principle of inclusive design and the desire to improve people's quality of life.

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