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CHEA is an educational toy, a smart and interactive gaming device that promotes healthy nutrition in the home environment.



Advisor: Dov Ratan

Eating habits form during childhood; good eating habits and a balanced diet in childhood are critical to normal development as this is the most significant time of physical and intellectual changes. Good nutrition can reduce the risk of certain pathologies during adolescence and prevent health issues, such as anemia, excess weight, obesity, and more. When correct eating habits are not established, it is very hard to change behavior in the future. UNICEF, the United Nations International Children's Fund, reports that 70 million children in the Western world do not reach their full cognitive and physical potential due to insufficient nutrition during early childhood. 


The main project goal is to raise awareness of the enormous importance of early childhood nutrition, helping promote and develop healthy eating habits from an early age. 

Yael Ben Hamu

About me

Yael Benhamu

I describe myself as a thinking, ambitious, motivated, and broad minded designer with a discerning sense of creativity. I learn fast and work hard, am capable of proving smart solutions for problems that arise. I am passionate about industrial design, UX, and the arts. I bring that motivation to every project and am a perfectionist that always aspires to excellence. 


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