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Fall-prevention device for senior citizens using electrical stimuli


Advisor: Dov Ratan

We all become more prone to falling as we age, and some activities may cause severe fractures and even death. Researchers in Tel Aviv University have examined the effect of non-invasive low-magnitude cerebral stimuli on senior citizens while completing a motor task (such as walking) a cognitive function, a dual action that signifies overall functionality level. They found that weak stimuli in the cognitive areas of the brain (D-LPFC) lasting approximately 20 minutes improves brain function when completing combined stabilized standing/walking and a cognitive task: "This is a very safe treatment and we hope that in the future people will be able to complete this at home" (researcher team) 


STABLER is a product designed for home-use fall prevention for senior citizens

Targeted tDCS Mitigates Dual-Task Costs to Gait and Balance in Older Adults *

Project led by Prof. Jeff Hausdorff from Tel Aviv University School of Medicine, the Sagol School of Neuroscience, and the Sackler Faculty of Medicine

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