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Organizers: Mr. Gideon Dotan, Prof. Jonathan Ventura, Prof. Keni Segal and Mrs. Yael Orly

Design and Community- from end-users to interconnected design partners

Our annual conference deals with the role of design through the prism of interconnectivity. As products become smarter through interconnected platforms, so does the complex social fabric of the design partners using these products.  On the Meta-level, products are smarter and more community focused through co-design and validation processes informing the development process. On the design partner level, interconnected products will create relationships between users that will evolve into sub-communities as people will gather around the designed product and function. Informed by social media platforms, IOT and interconnectivity of products, the idea of community will challenge our existing concepts of belonging and social identification.   

The conference aims to highlight various relevant approaches by showcasing prominent designers and theoreticians, as well as students’ projects within the framework community and design.


Greetings and Introductions

Prof. Bertold Fridlender, President, HAC


About The DAN Department of Creative Human Design

Mr. Gideon Dotan, Head of The Department


Presentation of Central Conference Themes

Prof. Jonathan Ventura and Prof. Keni Segal, Conference Organizers

Session 1

Community and Healthcare design

Working towards Holistic Solutions and Design Ethics within Medical Design
Prof. Shilpa Das (NID National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, India) – Head of PhD program and co-founder of the - Trellis Research Publication

Graduation projects by the students:
Dima Bogoslavics, David Attias, Eliya Klapholz

Session 2

Community and socio-culture exclusion

Reflecting on current design and womanhood
Dr. Ariel Guersenzveig (ELISAVA Barcelona, Spain) – Design, Ethics and Communities

Graduation projects by the students:
Pliah Mendell, Hadar Sasson, Or Wengroeicz

Keynote Lecture

Urban Architectural Projects - Planning from the Perspective of the Community
Architect Ittai Aronson, senior partner - Shlomo Aronson Architects

Session 3

Community education and parenting

Rethinking the Role of Design/Designers
Dr. Bianca Herlo (UDK Berlin, Germany) – Design, Communities and Social Change

Graduation projects by the students:
Adi Zaidel, Roni Yefet, Adi Levinger, Tehila Wagner, Emanuela Oren, Halel Nachliel

Session 4

Community, rehabilitation and integration

Community and urban inclusion through service design
Ronen Kadushin, Chief Design Officer 2ulfab inc. / New Edge Furniture (US)

Graduation projects by the students:
Ezra Feldman, Hadar Laub, Shayna Orman

Closing remarks

Address by Dan family, Toronto, Canada

Benefactor of The DAN Department of Creative Human Design


Concluding remarks and launch of the end of year exhibition

Mr. Gideon Dotan, Head of The Department

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