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About the course

It is rare in the world of furniture design when one avoids relying on familiar architypes long rooted in our formative subconscious. This year's "take off" theme focused on citing, updating, and developing patterns that have impacted furniture design for centuries. With this approach, we created new approaches to furniture, shifting from a basic object to a platform for conveying messages, its cultural roles, and culminating in designing a new functional item of furniture.

Itay Grober

Hugs and Dynamism

Seatu is a chair that conveys both a sense of embrace and a measure of dynamism. The rings are inspired by spaceships and the rings of Saturn to symbolize constant motion in space


Hemdat Ruzitsky

Soft connectors

Bench with soft connectors reinforced by pressure that attach the bench elements 


Tamar Amar

A sense of floatation and minimalism

Meitar Lubotzky

hiduk and harpaya

Seating object that expresses the tension between tightening and release using the device to simply pull a red thread across 4.5 meters to tighten cushions into seat




Yuval Samuel Aricha

From 2-D to 3-D

This chair represents the ability to create a 3-D object using only 2-D components attentive to specific space requirements. This chair is made of two separate parts that can be deconstructed made of wood and plywood



Tomer Beisky

Quiet and comfort

Zohar Phipps

Solo chair

Low seating object comprised of folded soft fabrics that provide a dynamic and flexible structure to encase users. It includes cone-shaped pine legs to provide contrast. This seat was inspired by paper folding techniques that preserve the paper qualities.



Amir Kain

Connectors and pipes

3-D printing combined with wooden poles



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