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About the course

The course focuses on the human-product-environment relationship and is based on the idea that disability is not only determined by a physical condition but is partly the result of social policy. In this course, students were exposed to inclusive principles to solve problems through design.

Tal Arbel

Eye Cream Container Kit

An eye cream for independent application that is more pleasant to use and enables accurate measurement of cream amount. The design is specifically aimed to help people with fine motor skill difficulties.


ziv barlev

Massage Container

Professional massage therapist tools designed for accessibility and ease of use. This design relies on ergonomics research and has expanded grip areas, allowing professionals to work effectively while reducing physical strain. Additionally, grip areas have been adapted using different and clear markings patterns that are more natural to draw attention and prompt use. The kit also includes a color coordinated map of body areas that correspond to the color marking on the tools, expanding ease of use to non-professionals.


Avigail Ben Hamo

honey drip

A honey jar with a rounded bottom designed to sit within an adjustable stand that allows users to tilt the jar as more honey is consumed. The lid is designed for easy opening using a hermetically sealed returnable top to prevent honey drips during use


Roni Fadida and Tom Ben Hamo

Accessible Japanese food tray for the sight impaired and people with OCD

Beech wood food tray with minimalist Japanese design for the sight impaired with corresponding container shape and tray indentation (semi-round container fits into semi-round indentation, and so forth). This tray is also suitable for people suffering from OCD, who often find daily eating a challenge. In this design, each container and its corresponding indentation are the same shape and color coordinated (round shape=red lining). Traditional Japanese dining tables are low, requiring diners to lean forward and therefore less suitable for long sittings. This tray has is clearly configurated to prevent "visual chaos" and when each course is consumed, the next container can be elevated with a wood ring and convenient hand grips.

Tomtomtomitom , __ronif

Noam Golany

Pasta Container

Pasta container that is visually and tactilely accessible to sight impaired users that may be used with one hand. The new container provides tactile information about the pasta, such as flour (white, full grained, gluten free…), type (spaghetti, fettuccini…), and potential allergens, all clearly marked.
Throughout the project, I developed a new language of visual and tactile icons of the six most common allergen groups (lactose, gluten, fish and sea food, peanuts and nuts, spy, and eggs). The packaging is designed to be opened one handed and includes two options of pouring: full or half container contents. The configuration solves the problem of only using some of the amount and saving the rest for future use.
All of these adaptations address needs identified during the research process and the deficiencies in current pasta options.


Renana Klein


This saltshaker considers the various ways salt is used in different cultures. The design provides an aesthetically pleasing table element that you can use directly with your fingers, dip in bread, and also apply like a usual shaker using the perforated top. Also, it includes features designed for easy use, such as a wide opening for refills and an in-built moisture absorber.


Gal Peled

Powder Inhaler for Lung Patients

This device is deigned to improve patient experience with a powder-based inhaler for people with chromic lung conditions. It includes the standard inhaler functions and can ne modified to add more functions.


Shany Sialom

Backgammon Set for the Blind

This backgammon set is designed for the hearing and visually impaired. The board is starkly contrasted in black-and-white squares for the visually impaired and indentations on each square provide individual placement markers for the blind. The lines between each square are also designed for tactile identification and the hinges to open and close the game have also been altered for optimal ease of use. Additionally, I wanted to preserve the distinct sound of the dice hitting the board in a way accessible to users, so the set includes a container for shaking the dice without scattering. The dice are also clearly indented by number. When pieces are eliminated from the game, they can be stuck to the side of the board as all are magnetized for easy recovery when the game ends.


Gabby Turetsky

Designed Pulse Oximeter for Children

This pulse oximeter is specifically designed for children and measures oxygen saturation and pulse. This child-friendly wristwatch band enables two methods of measurement according to the user's medical condition (worn on the wrist or on a finger for better precision). Also, the kit includes a corresponding wristwatch band for adults to track and reduce stress.
The watch was designed to provide an alternative to a daily experience and make it more positive. One function is the image of a small animal that appears on the display that children are required to tend to and feed using by pressing a button, transforming little patients into responsible and effective carers.


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