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About the course

Immediately following the Structure and Material course, Introduction to Technology presents students with various materials and manufacturing processes. Focusing mainly on three materials (wood, metal, and plastic), students in this course acquire the knowledge and understanding to execute basic design and examine the design possibilities in these technologies while applying and translating design principles to their selected material. Throughout the course, students create 3-D projects to experience working with materials and technologies while considering industrial feasibility and the implications of selecting certain materials.

Adir and Avichai

Add on batteries for range of objects

avihay hartug and hadar bnaysh

Lamp using lamination method

amit tal and daniel feldhamer

Lamp using lamination method

itai efrat and lotam huri

Jachnun tray using lamination method

lev tzion liora Lazarovski Ofir

Hannuka lamp using lamination method

lotam huri

Dog training – Luci




Ariel Tene

The perfect bite – Watermelon



Danielle Feldhamer

Parrot training

Carmel Edry


Erel Arye

Pasta dishes




Ariel Pley

Potjiekos dishes




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