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About the course

Design in the Medical Space was conducted in collaboration with the Hadassah Mount Scopus Rehabilitation Department. Since its inception in 2015, this yearly course has focused on patient experiences in medical institutions. The intensive 5-day seminar included observations, documentation and research of work methods and tools employed by medical staff, and identifying needs, abilities, aspirations, and design possibilities. 

The seminar concluded with a presentation of practical solutions to promote patient experiences based on an inclusive design approach. These were then presented to the Hadassah Department of Physiotherapy for further research and development.

Ronel Foxman, Yael Wallis Wandel, Moriya Aviyashar, and Meitar Lubotzky


This exercise device allows patients in rehabilitation to become more independent in daily tasks, strengthening their ability to eat, pick up objects, and bring objects closer.

meich_design  , yaelwallis_design , moriya.avi  , ronelfoxman


Moriya Godinger, Netanel Danzig, and Noa Miron


A game inspired by tic-tac-toe that assists in improving upper limb motor skills at different heights and durations.

moriyagod , noa.m_design

Abukasis Eliran Kain Amir Shapira Shani


A gameboard that focuses on manual manipulation that can be used to play various games at different difficulty levels (motor and cognitive), suitable for solo playing or in pairs. 

All game parts are cheap, available, and easily replaceable.

eliransdesign , bambabisli , shanisha_design


Tamar Amar, Dana Zalta, and Adi Zaguri


A cast designed to fix arm position in sports equipment as part of the rehabilitative process that is used in physiotherapy exercises.

tamar_a_design0.1 , dzaltadesigns , adiza_design


Ben Koren, Yohai Rotem, and Zohar Phipps


A device for walking slopes that combines Hadassah hospital rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment. The design addresses department needs and was the product of collaborating directly with staff, putting emphasis on stability, safety, storage, and compact/convenient carry options.

  bko_design , yohai_424 , zoharph_design

Goni Maman, Reut Moses, Tomer Beisky, and Avital Golan


An accessory inspired by Matryoshka dolls designed to improve four strength capabilities: opening and closing of fingers, twisting, pinching various sizes, and pushing with fingers. Each action opens a new box and progresses to the completion of the treatment.

tomer.b_design , avital.industrialdesign , tvpy25 , gonymaman


Baruch Daih, Noam Sharon, Eliezer Scheller, and Ronen Gorbagi

Designated product for shoulder injury rehabilitation

Designated product for shoulder injury rehabilitation designed to increase range of motion with a labyrinth challenge and exercises of daily movements (such as driving).

   bar_daich , nono_designshteller.design , ronengorbagi



Tehilla Zuriel, Hemdat Ruzitsky, and Yuval Samuel-Aricha

Movement exercise device for wrists

This therapeutic device is designed for exercising and improving wrist muscle function. The outer design is inspired by the gaming world with an adult twist that can suit a range of ages and audiences. The game is comprised of various parts that may be assembled, enabling diversity and versatile uses for different exercises and difficulty levels.

The game facilitates patients as they improve the precision so necessary for many daily tasks.

yuval_i.design , tehillazi , Hem.dat


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