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About the course

Every design process begins in a state of confusion and uncertainty. This frustrating stage may inhibit designers' creativity and ability to provide fast solutions that resolve indecision. This course offers students just starting their design career with the work methodologies to cope with this challenging phase and come up with creative solutions. Such techniques focus on problem solving in design/planning, specifically concept development and methodological flexibility to meet changing needs and constraints. It covers all development stages, from initial concept to characterizing and formulating that concept to overcome every uncertainty and apply out-of-the-box thinking that address user needs.

Gabby Turetsky


An innovative home-based and automatized plant growing system that provides information and gives users a sense of security and ability to communicate with their plants as they grow.


Noam Golany

Master Of Chores

Digital platform managed by parents based on gaming principles designed to promote collaboration with children regarding chores at home. 

The app is divided into two elements. One app is for parents and runs behind the scenes and answers questions such as – why incorporate a certain task into the household chores? What would be the advantages? What tasks are suitable for what ages? And so forth. A second app is for the children and underlines chores in an accessible and fun way.


Shaul Sinkler


An electric composter that produces fast and clean compost from organic home waste. This provides a link between the consumer and organic farmers, enabling consumers to hand over high quality compost to the delivery person delivering their fresh produce and getting a discount on their purchase. This creates a new and sustainable consumer-producer value chain


Maya Pleskov

Mobile feeding tray

A project inspired by street cats and the people that feed them. This tray guides the feeding process in a way that .makes it easier, more appropriate, and aesthetic. An improvement for cat feeders, city residents, and cats


Hala Warwar


My project focused on children with OCD using a mobile device designed for public parks. It offers six activity options, with each addressing a different aspect of OCD and comes with a user manual for parents


Ofir Saportas


A device to alleviate anxiety for divers. Made of rubber, this handheld allows divers to complete breathing exercises by inflating and shrinking the device using correct breathing patterns. Trains new divers on how to breathe while entering the water and during the dive. Its upper part has a button that sounds a loud alarm in emergencies or need for aid and this is a source of comfort for users who know they can call for help at any time.


Roni Fadida


ALMO is a virtual AI assistant designed to help people suffering from stage fright through practice, drilling, and tools. Based on biofeedback methods, ALMO changes its lighting according to the quality of the user's presentation. It also calms users during their presentations by producing a stable beat (like a heartbeat) and it has a button that allows users to shift slides so that ALMO is there every step of the way to provide security.


Keren Greenberg


Calming spaces in public areas that contain soft lighting reminiscent of sunlight as a means to fight seasonal .depression


Yishay Sklare

Time to Reflect

"Many people suffer from procrastination but few are aware of its real reasons: perfectionism, anxiety, fear of failure, and lack of motivation."

Time to Reflect is a therapeutic aid. Once users install the totem on its upper element, they receive messages with guided questions that help understand the causes of procrastination. Raising questions to the device and using the questionnaire help raise awareness regarding reasons used to postpone tasks. Summaries are received by patient and therapist so that during therapy they can review certain moments and recall what emotions were provoked and formulate more effective treatment. 


Ariel Yaakobi


A kit to convert a private vehicle into a home, whether due to cost of living struggles or as an alternative to our current way of life or for trips. Using advanced technologies of scanning and 3-D printing, the kit can be personalized to any user's car and optimize use of space. It contains choice options and comes with various accessories, as well as a simple guidance app that can be installed.


Shaimaa Burqan

Insu Pen

A new design for insulin pens for older people suffering from complications having to do with aging (poor eyesight or deficient fine motor skills) that may cause inaccuracies in dosage. The Insu Pen is ergonomic, multiuse, and smart, making use much easier. It is linked to an app that helps determine the dosage, time interval between injections, and tracks overall treatment. 


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