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about the course

What is an object? What is our association to the objects in our lives? What responsibility does the individual consumer or the object manufacturer bear? This course addresses object dimensions and the sensations they evoke in users in various contexts.

Lotam Huri

Natural painting tools

Creating painting implements from materials found on a hike. This work was inspired by the genre of watercolor landscape postcard painting and was motivated by the desire to create a more powerful and poignant memory of the outdoors using materials provided by nature


Noga Goldman

Dream Journal

The journal is a window into feelings, fears, events, and people in my life at the time.


Avihai Chitrit

The Sounds of Jerusalem

The work included sound recordings from across the city of Jerusalem that were edited in a sound studio to a melody that demonstrates how each sound around us is a note that interconnects into one great song.


Adir Navon

What to do with the schnitzel cooking oil

We often find ourselves wondering what to do with the oil left after frying.


Orel Yaakov

Cactus Chair

Is it possible? Or impossible?
We all deal with lack of concentration in our lives. Frustration is only one of the feelings we experience when failing to focus. In my work, I created a chair that may initially seem prickly and unusable but on second glance is a functional chair! It is possible to sit on a chair. It is possible to concentrate.

Eleanor Atrakji


The object is a pink wool coat that my mother made for me. She was a professional seamstress and she passed away when I was six-and-a-half years old. The coat is a masterpiece of couture sewing, precision cutting, and includes a lining, knitted collar, and color coordinated stitching.

Ariel Tene

Atonement Dialogue

An applied art installation based on the Yom Kippur prayer book, which includes songs and stories in addition to hymns and prayers. These additional materials address the tension, anger, and rifts between man and God, allowing people to express a wide range of emotions.


Amor Berman

Cooking Simply

When I was ten, I got a Poo Bear doll from my father after he was absent for six months. I cherish the doll to this day. A year ago, a good friend of mine asked me if I would give the doll to his daughter who suffers from autism as she had an identical doll that was destroyed. My teddy bear helps her keep calm and communicate better.
After that, I decided to write a cookbook designed for people on the spectrum that helps promote cognitive function and develops thinking. The book includes many icons and few words to facilitate easier understanding of the required cooking steps.


Hadar Benaych

Story Thoughts

A series of narrational storyboard paintings presents five stories from the anthology of short stories by Edgar Keret.
The work was created using various techniques of word painting and a selection of key words extracted from these stories that I particularly loved and found appropriate.


Ofir Lazarovski


I chose to focus my project on continuing the preservation process that begun two millennia ago in the Judea Desert Qumran Caves. The objects preserved in those caves provide us a glimpse into the world and lifestyle of people who lived during that era.

Ariel Paley

Touching a Memory

This work is a homage to my grandfather, inspired by a long introspective process of understanding ways of preserving memories and the powerful desire to keep them close. I returned to childhood memories of summer days I would spend throughout many weeks with my grandfather on the deck of his boat. The object, made of frayed sails and ropes, is immersed in an epoxy cast but still invites viewers to come near and reach out to touch the ropes peeking out of the cast surface.


Ziv Boral


A sculpture inspired by a Japanese sign. Reclining is our foundation.

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