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About the course

Life on the planet has become increasingly easier each passing year and advanced technologies once barely available are now accessible to more of the public. These facts have impacted our life on various levels: life expectancy is up, as in quality of life. 

However, geological and climate-related changes have brought the planet to an extreme state, with conditions worsening worldwide. Global warming has profoundly altered weather patterns, causing natural disasters, including earthquakes, pandemics, mass brushfires, storms, and floodings.

When in danger, the body secretes adrenaline as fear rises and people often panic. Many dangers materialize during disasters as a result of that panicked response, as people struggle to think clearly and undergo stress and confusion. One example of this is the fact that the majority of diving fatalities occur as a result of panic.

New technologies allow us to overcome almost any difficulty in the development of industrial design, opening the door to endless possibilities. The industrial designers of tomorrow will harness technology to develop more innovative, effective, and efficient products that the address the real and changing needs of users.

There are currently many products that significantly improve our chances of survival and continued life in extreme and risky circumstances, such as AI guidance aids for providing emergency medical help or instruct people how to reach a place of safety during a catastrophe…

Throughout the semester, Year 3 students researched a range of approaches to this topic and consolidated original and innovative concepts that intelligently utilize advanced technologies to provide real life-saving alternative solutions.


Meitar Lubotzky


Lifesaving device for allergy attacks. The device is connected to the body to identify an allergic reaction and stop it immediately.


Yuval Samuel-Aricha

Life saving

Field kit for two people to prevent/immediately treat hypothermia using ultralight technology.


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