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About the course

The central topic of this year's course was distance and closeness. These last two years have entirely altered the sense of space we had grown accustomed to in recent decades. Habits and views once taken for granted are under review and many activities we thought mundane are now no longer an option. We live in uncertain circumstances, not knowing how long our spaces will remain limited, a fact that also questions how we maintain distance and closeness. The project focused, among other things, on physical and emotional proximity and the ways we manage enforced distancing and remote working. The course provides knowledge and understanding of human experiences in open and closed spaces using human scale and the link between the object and the human context that it must inhabit.

Zohar Phipps and Hemdat Ruzitsky

Platform for transient artwork on street piano

A concrete platform placed on a street piano that serves as a surface for water drawings. The water dries and the images are erased. The object is designed to increase interaction around street pianos.

Hem.dat zoharph_design

Yuval Samuel-Aricha and Tehilla Zuriel


Game cubes to encourage decision making.

tehillazi , yuval_i.design

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