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About the course

Global shifts of recent decades, including economic, social, and technological changes, have altered consumption habits and the traditional powers of corporations, companies, and brands in the market. Since the '90s with the exposure of Nike sweatshops and the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement, designers have redefined their place and role in society while addressing the complex processes and a multilayered dynamic reality. This course examines the role of designers in education/community/medical spaces and all the principles of branding that are used to promote social causes.

Tamar Amar and Adi Zaguri


An educational design guide to promote gender equality in high schools using a visual interface, digital interface, and informational booklet

adiza_design , t.amardesigns

Meitar Lubotzky and Tehilla Zuriel


A platform that connects high-tech companies, community centers, and girls living in the periphery to collaborate on initiatives. This project aims to promote young girls by exposing their individual skills and abilities. Throughout the year, each local group of girls begins a social initiative in their community and with the help of high-tech professionals and the enlistment of a community center they launch the initiative while studying content and applying their individual strengths. The project is focused on empowering each girl and shattering the glass ceiling for girls in terms of their employment opportunities so that they can achieve their dreams.

meich_design , tehillazi


Zohar Phipps and Ben Koren


An educational set for children designed to raise awareness of near-extinct species and the importance of local biological diversity using research methodologies and practical experience

zoharph_design , bko_design

Hemdat and Yuval


Instruction and application set for germination, planting, and growing of vegetables at home using easy and available materials.

yuval_i.design , Hem.dat

Eliran Abukasis and Tomer Beisky

Platform making emotional help accessible along with healthy life guide for students 

tomer.b_design , eliransdesign

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