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About the course

The Structure and Material course is the first encounter in which students must develop the range of skills and level of understanding required to transform 2-D sketches into precise 3-D models, giving their ideas visual and physical form. 

Students learn how to plan and create models using various modeling materials, processing techniques, volume building to scale, material research, color selection, and finishing methods.

The summarizing exercise— “Hybridization”—required students to select a product and source of design inspiration to create their own formative/design/functional or texture hybrid, or any other combination of elements that impact appearance, considering product use, and executing precise modeling to scale.

Carmel Edry

Yoga inspired kettle

Hadar Bnaysh

Mille-feuille cake inspired shoe

Avihay shitrit

Violin inspired can opener

amit tal

Gramophone and the flat world

erel arye

Instagram inspired espresso machine

Ariel Paley

Bread inspired espresso machine

Bar Netanel

Knives inspired by African animals

Shahar Mayer

Capoeira inspired radio/cassette player

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