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About the course

Studio program of provided Year 2 students with the tools and methods to plan, construct, and characterize a project for mass produced products. Students designed home robots using an inclusive approach while employing the tools provided throughout the course. The studio was conducted in groups to simulate a real studio setting, with each member fulfilling a different role ranging from management, research, marketing, product design, and user interface. This resulted in five fully modeled robots and a comprehensive presentation of the project that included all selected components.

Daniel Daudi, Eliassaf Friedman, Maya Halevi, May Pleskov, Shir Goldshtein, Ariel Yakobi, Amir Yahav, Gabby Turetsky, Tal Attia


Robot designed to assist people suffering from dementia and make their contact with carers and others in their environment easier and more effective

daniel_daudi , Maya.halevy.id , gabby_turetsky , amiry_i.des , Shir_gold72 , talatiya222 , may_23p

Ziv Barlev, Dekel Izacson, Noam Golany, Avi Epstein, Shaul Gan Sinkler, Keren Greenberg, Tal Arbel, Yishay Sklare, and Meital Silver


Synchronized robot that changes the household composition, enabling adjusting the space to changing needs during a 20-day period, and is rechargeable when in off mode. The system offers a way to modify how we perceive space, enables optimal utilization for users for a range of needs, and prevents injuries from lifting and carrying heavy furniture

talarbel1 , aviepstein , dekel.izac_id , ziv_idesign , noam_idesign , gansin_shaul , maitalsilver.design , yishaysklare

Avigail Ben Hamo, Ofir Saportas, Oshri Sabag, Eden Begler, Eden Israeli, Shai Gillis, Shir Tsukrun, and Shany Sialom


A robot to help older people keep a dog at home.

Many older people would like to adopt a dog to relieve their loneliness but do not take this step for fear of the physical effort. This robot helps bridge the gap to maintain the dog's needs, help walk the dog, remind you of mealtimes, and provide information about regular checkups. It connects users in the same area so that they may walk their dogs together and establish a community using the app. Also, users can link up to the robot with an app that provides technical assistance by contacting family members that may live far away or calls volunteers.

ofir_saportas , sabi_art1 , eden_beg , edenisraeli471 , shai_gillis , Shir_tsukrun , shanysialom

Omer Oster, Nadav Kuperman, Eylon Tamam, Gal Peled, Noa Cohen, Adi Stern, Roni Fadida, Renana Klein, and Adel Tom Ben Hamo


Reflexology robot to support women during their pregnancy that works with upgraded AI algorithm, front wheel for movement, and is ergonomically designed. It can provide personalize massages guided by an app that provides instructions to the user on what positions to take during the massage and displays additional information

lychee_graphic , eylon_tamam , renanaklein0 , gal_peled5 , __ronif , Tomtomtomitom

Hala Warwar, Ellal Lujain, Shaimaa Burqan, Tasnem Ghaith, Moriya Godinger, Hila Lazarson, and Noa Rozenfeld


Robot that helps adjust to healthy habits and sport activities by projecting a holographic image that acts as a personal instructor and app. You can determine any kind of training and the length of time, and the platform also enables all .gymate users to get to know each other, increase motivation, and establish ties

Halawarwar , Lujain.e1 , rozenfeldnoa , ghaithtasneem , hilalazarson , shaimaa.burqan , moriyagod

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