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About the course

This course offers an examination of the designer's role as an independent creator that conducts research, development, and product application. Experimentation, prediction, trial and error – all are ways within a broad framework to hone technical and conceptual skills with three material groups (thermoset, thermoplastic, and composite), employ available technologies and raw materials to materialize practical and theoretical knowledge with the goal of developing a memento product designed for sale that addresses packaging, pricing, graphics, and transport.

Dekel Izacson and Amir Yahav


Does beauty still exist after it is no longer visible? Narcissus raises this question in every use using magnets that enables users to hide or disrupt the classic architype of masculinity and femininity. In its OFF mode, the product sets the character center stage and seems to celebrate its seeming perfection. When we enter the magazine if magnets and shake it, its form changes to hide the model figure under a spikey blob that disguises gender and body shape markers.

amiry_i.des , dekel.izac_id


Ariel Yakobi

Accessories and jewelry

Capturing the movement of fabric using epoxy to create original and innovative fashion accessories.



Eden Begler and Shai Gillis

"Encounter of Worlds" – Sabbath candlesticks

An encounter of worlds in these candlesticks that combine wood and glass, opaque and clear, everyday and sublime. 

The candlesticks are comprised of recycled materials joined using a clear shrink-wrap film that blurs the seams between materials and worlds.

shai_gillis , eden_beg

Tal Arbel and Daniel Daudi

Purses made of disposable plastic bags

Using cheap and useless raw materials with the goal of utilizing recycled materials to create something useful, durable, and refined.

daniel_daudi_ , talarbel1

Roni Fadida, Tom Ben Hamo


The INK set of twelve grenades and a canvas page with a barcode that leads to an app. The app duplicates the markings produced by the pomegranates and produces a corresponding Rorschach blotch. This symbolic memento of IDF service and a conversation starter regarding military service and life after service.

Tomtomtomitom , __ronif

Ziv Barlev and Shaul Gan Sinkler


Renure is a salt and pepper shaker set that brings food items from the bottom of the food chain center stage, center table, and a conversation starter. We believe this ability to make manure into an aesthetic, clean, and useful table item is a forceful method of demonstrating the importance of recycling and making use of trash for our benefit.

ziv_idesign , gansin_shaul

Noam Golany and Shaul Gan Sinkler


An activity for making your own game dice at home by recycling cardboard. We designed the kit for various scenarios so that the cubes can be assembled anywhere in a simple and step-by-step process.

noam_idesign , yishaysklare

Gabby Turetsky and Meital Silver

Out of Time

Take a breath. Consider your relationship with time. Is time the focus, or you?

maitalgreenberg , gabby_turetsky

Keren Greenberg, Avraham Epstein

re PLAy – Telegram

An ancient, eternal, and relevant game for every period when faced with the option of using plastic, one of the world's most common and contaminating industries. We chose PLA, a material currently not recycled, and transformed it into a game using home items and a home-based process.


Nadav Kuperman and Renana Klein

Fragrance capsule

Our project entailed creating a memento through the sense of smell. We utilized the qualities of dental plaster to create capsules that contain various alcoholic drinks and emit their fragrance. The shape of each indicates the kind of alcohol it holds, and together they create a series of memories that evoke events and experiences.


Shir Goldshtein and Maya Halevy

Fragrance dispenser to manipulate memory and elicit behaviors

Following research into smells and the impact of olfactory stimuli on memory, we created objects designed to be placed in various locations to emit certain fragrances. What does the nose know?

Maya.halevy.id , Shir_gold72

Omer Oster and Noa Cohen


Our Hazel project entailed using natural fibers and carpenter's glue. In Our method, the strings are fixed in a particular order with a flour-based glue that we developed after a long process of experimentation.
We created three objects that contain lentils that sound like a rain stick when they encounter the strings. The object is designed to alleviate mental stress using sound, much like fidget toys, and the three objects together create a long and snaking shape reminiscent of brain waves.

Gal Peled and Adi Stern

Music strings

Creating a memento from songs by converting sounds into a 3-D design.


Tal Atiya and May Pleskov


What has passed shall be again: Three amulets each containing a combined topography of two places in which an historical event occurred.

talatiya222 , may_23p




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