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About the course

This course lays out a long process for developing the designer's personal stance on material, technological, and conceptual research. Our activity this year began with the concept of transience that immediately diverged into many personal interpretations according to each project requirements. Throughout the process, decisions were made within the three dimensions of product development until finally reaching the "investor presentation" stage.

Tehilla Zuriel


Material research on unrefined pottery vessels and on breaks in general.


Ronel Foxman

Stool swing made of sewage pipe

The project began with a study of sewage pipes and how they can be re-used. The dynamic joints are heated and shaped PVC pipes. The stool is a review of soft/hard and dynamic/static boundaries and is also a swing that invites motion. The object is inspired by Hungarian woodworking traditions that have long dealt in the qualities of materials and their capacity to bear weight and use.


Adi Zaguri

spice it up

A jewelry manufacturing process of quick drying concrete that can upgrade any look. 


Noa Miron

Jeans – From old to new

Fashion accessories made by deconstructing and reconstructing old jeans.



Meitar Lubotzky


An object that encourages mindful eating and a mindfulness exercise related to eating.


Yael Wallis Wandel

Taking inspiration from ultra-Orthodox fashion

Combining elements of ultra-Orthodox fashion in a fashion set designed for non-Orthodox women. 

Every sector in society has good things that we can learn from and adopt into our own lives.


Moriya Aviyashar


A plea for stability in a transient world.


Yuval Samuel-Aricha

A memory object

An eco-memory capsule that contains seeds/bulbs of trees and wildflowers to commemorate the deceased.


Zohar Phipps

Frames for 3-D amorphic looms

A combination of ancient and new technologies overlapped to create amorphic loom shapes that can be used to weave various threads.


Noam Sharon

Temporary archiving

Holding on to materials as a way to avoid throwing away objects of sentimental value. 


Dana Zalta

7 days t shirt

In a desire to expand the recycling concept, I chose to take a single t-shirt that can be worn seven consecutive days. It begins white but each day, using cabbage and lemon, the shirt's appearance changes to eventually create seven different shirts.


Goni Maman


An assembly game that connects soft and hard dolls.


Ben Koren

Concept for forming methods in large-scale open areas

Inflatable elements that are pattern shapes planned and designed with the client to save time, cost, storage space, and transport costs, making concrete element construction easier in urban spaces.


Tomer Beisky


Object created to evoke an emotional response in viewers. 


Eliran Abukasis

Virtual memory space

You need more than a silent grave to reunite with the memory of a beloved person several years after their passing. This concept creates alternative, static, or interactive memory spaces individualized to user needs.


Eliezer Scheller

Trees, cats, and anything in between

A creative self-will process that also attempted to consider the lecturer's desires.



Avital Golan

How can 2-D become 3-D?

I created a drawing, uploaded it into the program, produced an extrution model, printed it and created a game or modular lamp, or perhaps a lamp that is a game?


Hemdat Ruzitsky


Wearable items that allow users to cover their faces and create a quiet and private environment in the chaos of life. In addition to the physical screen, the product provides an emotional distance and a way to disengage from your surroundings to enter a meditative state.


Moriya Godinger

Emotion plexus

An object that provides a personal interpretation of the Solar plexus chakra with additional elements.


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