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About the course

This course asks students to grapple with accepted definitions of the bicycle frame and demonstrate the student's/team's perceptions and how broad the research and possibilities are when beginning such a project. 

The course is based on comprehensive theoretical and practical frameworks that enable students to apply acquired knowledge and develop an operational bicycle frame model relevant to various situations that resolves problems and makes the project feasible. Structural planning and constructing a framework are the basis for almost any project on any subject. From the disciplinary approach, bicycles pose a complete technological and material challenge that entails a complicated design process.

Meitar, Yael, Ronel, Baruch, Moriya


Bicycle adapted for gradual learning for teens with communication disorders.

 moriya.avi , ronelfoxman , yaelwallis_design , meich_design

Adi, Eliran, Tomer, Noam, and Noa


Telescopic bicycle for easy carrying in urban space. Size can be reduced by 42%

 nono_design , noa.m_design , eliransdesign , tomer.b_design , adiza_design

Dana, Moriya, Avital, and Shany


Bicycle designed for pregnancy that enabling riding without leaning forward. Also suitable for any rider struggling with standard riding posture due to excess weight, back pain, and other issues.

dzaltadesigns , avital.industrialdesign , moriyagod , shanisha_design

Amir, Goni, Tamar, Ben, Yochai


Bicycle for work nomads in urban nature that provides various features: easily opened desktop installed on bike frame, connection to mobile electricity source, and storage.

  tamar_a_design0.1 , yohai_424 , bko_design , amirkaine , gonymaman

Zohar, Hemdat, Eliezar, Tehilla, and Yuval


Urban bicycle that breaks from the standard engineering form and is based on cable tautness.

 Hem.dat , yuval_i.design , zoharph_design , tehillazi , theaishman

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