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About the course

The UX/UI course presents students with the basic concepts of user experience and standard methodologies common in the high-tech industry that are specifically relevant to digital design. Students are required to identify design opportunities in the period, place, and interest field they are concerned with and formulate appropriate solutions applicable in the digital world. Concept development is conducted using industry methodologies and Design Thinking principles.

Yael Wallis Wandel and Meitar Lubotzki


Corresponding parent and child apps to help during the ER and hospital testing experience. It is designed to alleviate anxiety and uncertainty when children are brought to the ER and must be distracted as they undergo tests.

meich_design , yaelwallis_design

Yuval Samuel Aricha and Adi Zaguri


Guidance and support app for breastfeeding mothers, including first timers and experienced moms. This enables tracking baby feedings, sharing with other users, consult with other mothers, watch tutorial videos, and also get professional consults.

adiza_design , yuval_i.design

Goni Maman and Noa Miron


App for breast cancer patients designed to decrease mental stress and take time for their emotions and thoughts.

gonymaman , noa.m_design

Amir Kain and Ben Koren


A designated platform for setting social meetings that are entered into the weekly schedule, prevents disruptions, and provides a clear, organized and easy-to-use solution for individuals and groups to meet and accept offers without having to use multiple apps or abstain from attending events.

bko_design , amirkaine

Zohar Phipps and Moriya Aviyashar


Platform for secondhand sales and purchases that emphasizes user needs and visual aesthetic, making the secondhand transaction a high-quality and convenient experience.

moriya.avi , zoharph_design 

Tehilla Zuriel and Hemdat Ruzitsky


App that helps users with attention deficit disorder to manage their time and tasks

tehillazi  , Hem.dat 

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