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Therapeutic play kit for children aged 3-4 suffering from speech and pronunciation problems to be used for treatment and practice at home



The project was conducted in collaboration with the Hadassah Academic College Communication Disorders Department  



Advisor: Yoram Pony

Language production involves various neuro-psychological, cognitive, emotional, and emotional processes whose normal development is vital to successful language function. Acquiring language results from an innate biological ability and exposure to a speaking environment. This is a natural and sequential process that culminates with unconscious internalization of vocabulary and grammar.

Children often need to be motivated and engaged to practice and improve correct tongue positioning for comprehensible speech, and without full cooperation many treatments take longer than planned or are stopped midway.

Studies show that children respond better when they are taught at their level, as enjoyment and fun help retain information and increase motivation for continued practice. 

PATPETANA is a therapeutic play kit that addresses the need for professionals working in clinics and for later practice at home with parents.

There are 13 kits that each focus on a different aspect on speech and provide structured exercises for language and pronunciation, subject to user needs.

The kits are based on the method developed by Dr. Avivit Ben David, a specialist in this field.


Use scenario

It is very important for young children to work on language in ways that are interactive and engaging to produce the best results

Moria Heiman, Speech Therapist
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