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Posture improving activity area for the elderly


Advisor: Galit Shabo

NAZUZA is an activity area designed for public gardens aimed at encouraging the elderly to get out of the house and keep up with posture improving exercises. Balance is crucial, particularly for senior citizens, and posture exercises reduce the risk of falling and promote healthy aging. The project stemmed from the belief that posture and human interaction in public gardens is important to the health and general wellbeing of the elderly. NAZUZA addresses these issues and was motivated by the hope of preventing the exclusion of the elderly from the public sphere while promoting the welfare and quality of life of this population.

Older people are very sensitive to the attention they get from their surroundings

Miriam, aged 95

Posture exercises are a basic condition of life and maintain people's lives and their health

Noam, senior physical therapist, Maccabi HMO

I just feel this is the core of my health; it releases tension from the body. It alleviates pain

Tova, aged 80

I spent hours speaking with senior citizens about their habits, how active they were, their difficulties, fears, and the various aging problems they cope with. Working in close collaboration with this group and with professionals from the fields of social work, physical therapy, gerontology, occupational therapy, and specialists in activities for the elderly. Insights from this process and from direct feedback clarified my project goal: reducing the number of falls. The solution was consolidated while addressing all the research conclusions and real needs of this group. 

This exercise device is designed for posture exercises. Working with professionals, I focused on three simple and easy-to-complete exercises that do not include scoring or competition but instead focus on increasing the repertoire of possible actions in the future. A QR scan using a mobile phone leads to a landing page that provides a selection menu of exercises along with a simple visual description.


Yonatan Brin

About me

Yonatan Brin

A designer with spirit that reveres aesthetics and precise details. 

I believe that good design is worth more than a thousand words. I know how to translate needs into a shared vision, excel at teamwork, and am experienced at project management. 


Am looking for a position in UX/UI design. 



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