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About the course

The search for a new, renewed or updated archetype, and the furniture as a platform for the designer's self-expression, formed the basis of this year's course. The work process began with a series of short exercises dealing with structural and formal values, from which each student developed functional and productionable furniture. We dealt with furniture as a platform for conveying an idea, discussed its cultural roles, and the ability of three-dimensional language to express ideology.

Emanuela Oren


Object seating games for children.


Dima Bogoslavics


An easy, minimalist folding chair.


Hadar Sasson


A chair with two reclining positions.


Halel Nachliel


Ezra Feldman

Modular system for stools

Shayna Orman

Rocking chair

Challenges the perception of the swing and offers furniture that is between a horse and a rocking chair.


Tehila Vagner

venus hood

A reliable object in the urban space.


Adi Levinger

A seating object for two

Alone but together - a dynamic chair for one or two people.


Or Wengroeicz


An interactive object that creates an experience through light and water.


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