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About the course

The course focuses on the human-product-environment relationship and is based on the idea that disability is not only determined by physical condition but is partly the result of social policy. In this course, students were exposed to the principles of inclusive perception and used its characteristics to solve problems through design.

Tamar Amar, Shani Shapira and Eliezer Sheller


ADD ON design for cocktail shaker to improve grip.

tamar_a_design0.1 , theaishman , shanisha_design

Reut Mozes and Dana Zalta


Designated shears for diluting Medjool dates (which is an agricultural operation carried out every year), with an emphasis on user safety when working at height and adjusting the shears to the varying size of the dates.

dzaltadesigns , tvpy25

Tehila Tzuriel, Meitar Lubotzky and Amir Kaine


Redesign for a lemon squeezer while addressing a wide range of users and capabilities.

meich_design , amirkaine , tehillazi

Yochai Rotem, Ben Koren and Zohar Phipps


Redesign of a 4-liter fabric softener container. In product development we focused on three topics, user experience and ergonomics and safety. To reduce loads, we added a grip point and slightly changed the look of the bottle. We also addressed how to store and carry the product.

yohai_424 , zoharph_design , bko_design

Yuval Samuel Arikha, Moriya Godinger and Noam Sharon

Divided Plates

New, aesthetic and modular design for divided plates. The set of plates is designed according to the needs of large institutions that also provide service to people with special needs.

moriyagod , , nono_design

Eliran Abukasis and Moriya Aviyashar

Ergonomic Paint Brush Handle

=Ergonomic design for a paint brush after in-depth research and accompaniment by the artist Chana Goldberg. The brush is environmentally friendly and significantly reduces repetitive movements while relieving the wrists. Can be used with both hands and several different grips designed for the desired form of work.

  moriya.avi , eliransdesign

Ronel Foxman and Hemdat Rozitsky

Garlic Press

Re-design for garlic press. During the project, we tried to go back to the ancient source of the garlic press – wood, stone and iron, mortar, and pestle. Ancient inspirations alongside a renovated, ergonomic, and inviting structure. We have given a place of honor to a product that can be used by professionals and amateurs in the culinary world, where aesthetics, speed and efficiency are leading values.

ronelfoxman , Hem.dat

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