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About the course

The COVID pandemic has impacted the lives and routines of people everywhere, the majority of which live in rapidly changing urban environments. It may be that the lives we had prior to the pandemic will never return as urbanization and globalism due to technological developments have proven to be one of the major causes for the rapid spread of the virus. The Methodology course for the 2nd year inclusive industrial design students centers on research methods for concept development, and this year the theme was "Life during COVID". Students formulate and present innovative ideas to address the needs of while living through COVID, discussing key topical questions, such as how will the public sphere be impacted after shutdowns are a thing of the past? What are the implications on social interactions? Is it possible to define the social conduct and behaviors that take infection and exposure to infection into consideration? What are the new concepts, products, and solutions that design can offer to address this changing reality? 
Prof. Kenny Segel and Avi Faibish have designed a globally oriented course focused on current day needs in collaboration with the NID School of Design in Ahmedabad, India.

Rotem Yohai, Lubotzky Meitar and Samita


An app for early detection of depression during pregnancy. The app provides accompaniment and aspires to reduce the risk of postpartum depression.

meich_design , yohai_424

Avital Golan, Goni Maman and Moriya Godinger

The Blood App

An app that creates a community of blood donors, facilitates the blood donation process and makes it more meaningful for participants.

gonymaman , moriyagod , avital.industrialdesign

Wallis Wandel Yael, Samuel Aricha Yuval and Ruzitsky Hemdat


A client club for stores that adhere to fair trade and eco-friendly standards in various commercial fields usable via website or mobile app, offering a convenient, enjoyable, and accessible shopping experience. , yaelwallis_design , Hem.dat

Zuriel Tehilla and Phipps Zohar

Out Of The Box

A system for free-delivery of  pooling purchased products, designed to raise awareness of environmentally friendly online shopping and reducing singl-use packaging without compromising product quality.

tehillazi , zoharph_design

Amir Kane, Ronel Foxman, Baruch Dayan, Gamita and Avishak


A collaborative system where people from anywhere in the world can take part in the venture and thus the idea of "belong" was created. The company promises to produce furniture that has been pre-designed and planned for a life-long product and thus can prevent unnecessary wear and tear as well as provide a more ecological solution for home furniture.

ronelfoxman , baruchdaich , amirkaine

Moriah Aviyashar and Tamar Amar


A common playing system in schools. It is located inside the classroom and not in a dedicated room, to allow for spontaneous encounters. JustPlay creates a complete experience of playing physical instruments with a hybrid interface that combines physical instruments with an instruction screen, so that even a student who does not know how to play will be able to participate.

moriya.avi , tamar_a_design0.1


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