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About the course

This year, students were asked to personally examine the concepts of limitations, restrictions, boundaries and how the Corona affected the concept of freedom, as an individual, as a society, as a country and as part of a changing world.

Asher Sabag

Moroccan Pop Art

A combination of pop art and objects from the traditional Henna ceremony.

Shay Gillis

Border? Depends on the Point of View

Represents a glass that changes according to the observer's point of view.


Eylon Tamam


Producing life by planting flowers and plants in ice and water cake.


Roni Fadida


The experience of loneliness in the Corona period through a series of black and white photograph


Yishay Sklare

Limitations and Personal Stories during Corona

It has been over a year since the outbreak of the global COVID pandemic, a crisis that most of us have never experienced, and we all hope never reoccurs. In Israel, we already feel the end of the crisis is near and the restrictions are being eased from week to week, however maybe this is exactly the time to reflect on  the past year. I have put the spotlight on the people and their supposedly “marginal” stories, and the quiet struggles each has overcome.


Shilat Ifrach Mazuz

Better Have a Glorious Failure

Creating objects inspired by the failure of baking, in order to evoke thoughts of perfectionism. Striving for perfection in the face of crippling fear and failure.


Tal Arbel

Capacity Limit

During the course, I examined the subject of limits in general and the edge of the limit of human ability in particular. Does stretching the border make me happier? Does stretching the border make others see me as better? From childhood, we are educated to do the best in every field. The term “best” intersects with the edge of the capacity limit, but not always the best comes at the edge. Sometimes long before.


Ishay Ciclair

Limitations and Personal Stories during Corona

For more than a year now, we have been experiencing a global crisis due to the Corona virus, a crisis that most of us have not experienced before and we certainly hope will be the last time. In Israel, we are already feeling a gust of wind and the restrictions are going down from week to week, maybe now is the time to think back on the year it has been. In this project, the so-called "marginal" people and stories are brought to the forefront of the stage and the quiet confrontation that each one went through.


Maya Halevi


Corona anxiety - the feeling of fear is transmitted through fragments of mirrors.


Dekel Izacson

Thought Boundaries

A work that deals with the boundaries we dictate to ourselves regarding our ability. Learning new techniques.

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