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About the course

The world is undergoing many changing trends: demographic, social, economic and technological. Destructive ecological phenomena and social polarization are only a small part of salient phenomena that affect the way we choose to design products and products in the world now. This course presents different scenarios and invites students to analyze and relate to them in a variety of ways as well as act using different tools, social awareness, decision-making based on research and planning a development process leading to a design position. They turn the knowledge acquired during the previous years of the degree into a methodical and independent development process.

Sasson Hadar


Design and planning of a multi-purpose structure in parks, integrating the park's vegetation into the building, and using it in all its dimensions for leisure activities. It is accessible to the elderly and intended for all ages.

Advisors: Dov Ratan and Moran Barak


Attias David


Automatic system for fighting desertification, capable of planting six hundred trees daily

Advisors: Gideon Dotan and Liron Peretz


Dimitri Bogoslavics

Isee Glasses

A future facilitator of vision for the blind.

Advisors: Gideon Dotan and Liron Peretz


Or Wengroeicz


A capsule providing a private relaxation space for astronauts.

Advisors: Gideon Dotan and Liron Peretz


Emanuela Oren

Her home

A service system that serves as an intermediary between young women at risk and empowering activities in their community.

Advisors: Gideon Dotan and Liron Peretz


Aliya Klapholtz


A system for reducing the feeling of hunger through smell.

Advisors: Gideon Dotan and Liron Peretz

Elia klapholz

Itai Gruber


A shelter for astronauts on the moon, built autonomously while making maximum use of materials found at the construction site.

Advisors: Gideon Dotan and Liron Peretz


Tehila Wagner

Dropon 101

The complexity of the period provokes demonstrations and protests. As a result, the desire to help the police body enforce order was born. This goal was manifested in an autonomous vehicle adapted to the needs of police missions during demonstrations and disturbances in public space.

Advisors: Gideon Dotan and Liron Peretz


Ezra Feldman

SUS: Blender

Redefining consumerism with a modular / standard design. Products that work with you / endless experience.

Advisors: Dov Ratan and Moran Barak


Roni ben Shalom


A set of creative and active classes for children by seniors.

Advisors: Gideon Dotan and Liron Peretz

Sheina Orman


A micro-urban habitat that meets the needs of birds in the city.

Advisors: Gideon Dotan and Liron Peretz


Hillel Nachliel


Creating a collaborative work community for nomads around the world; a kit that enables meetings from anywhere that simulates a face-to-face conversation with the help of a three-dimensional hologram.

Advisors: Dov Ratan and Moran Barak

Adi Zaild


Light walls and a noise filter to create a separation between different spaces in the home.

Advisors: Dov Ratan and Moran Barak


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