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About the course

The programma course is the main studio of 2nd year  students. In this course they learnvarious research and development approaches while dealing with an array of subjects, including agenda, setting, product placement and significance, characterization, and the importance of inclusive design. Studio curriculum is structured, focusing on distinct aspects of design and the role of designers each step of the way, considering many and complex dimensions while developing strategies to produce a worthwhile end product. Taking this process further to planning for mass production involves understanding a range of conditions: understanding designer-user relations, technological requirements, client’s needs (competitors and market trends), and more.

Yochai Rotem

Drill for Model Builders

Drill for the Bosch company, in a design that takes into account the needs of my specific target audience, wireless, light weight, with interchangeable heads and different speeds..


Zohar Phipps

Ergonomic Drill

Ergonomic drill design adapted for professionals with joint problems, which allows stable work and relieves pressure on their joints. This was achieved by redesigning the drill handle and weight distribution.


Meitar Lubotzky

Surgical Drill

Surgical drill - 'Bone surgery drill', used by surgeons in AG (nose-ear-throat) surgeries, and brain surgery. Made in collaboration with the AG Department at Shaare Zedek and Dr. Maru Gete.


Zuriel Tehilla


Toy screwdriver for children aged 3-8 for use during occupational therapy. The screwdriver helps practice and impart motor skills, learning and practice through play, creativity and fun.


Tomer Beyski

Drill for jewelry making

An innovative and ergonomically designed easy to use drill  for metalsmiths and jewelers.


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