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About the course

Computer modeling is the most important skill for a student who has just completed industrial design studies so that he can start his path in the "real world", integrate into a studio that already deals with the profession and gain practical experience. Through studying the Rhino course, designer Rotem Ben Yehuda teaches applied work techniques in simple and complex computer modeling. As part of the course, beyond knowing the popular software (for use in Israel, and even more so - in the world), students learn to develop logic that will guide them in any computer modeling software they will access. Rhino software is a relatively flexible software for work. Thus, from basic learning and knowledge of commands, through thought processes to complex procedures on the way to creating complex and precise forms, students learn to approach any formal challenge without fear. 

Modeling of a vinyl dolls

Meitar Lubotzky

Professor Treloni from Harry Potter

Eliran Abukasis

Bo from Monsters Ltd.

Hemdat Ruzitsky

Rose from Monsters Ltd.



Tehilla Zuriel

Monica from friends in the Thanksgiving scene

Dana Zalta

Scooby Doo

Yohai Rotem

A soldier

Ben Koren


Moriya Godinger


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