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About the course

"Service Design" is a field that leverages methodologies from the field of design for the benefit of process and systemic projects in the public or business sector and in characterizing the interface points with them. If in the past, a product of a design project was essentially physical, then in the service design the products include action plans, formulation and characterization of processes, access to information, design characterization of communication language and interface points - in physical space, digital and related materials. The development of the field came as a result of the growing recognition of the contribution of design to the construction of significant processes in complex spaces and systems, out of an in-depth understanding of the set of variables, needs and partners in the project. Today, large-scale projects in health systems, municipal services, banking, academia, and the business sector are led by designers, in favor of building quality services that generate value for users. The course is conducted in the form of a concentrated seminar, during which students become acquainted with the research methods and work steps used in the field and perform a complete process at the end of which a programmatic proposal, system components, characterization of the design language are presented. This year the course dealt with the subject of nutrition and physical activity among children and adolescents in routine and times of crisis (Corona limitations, social distance, lockdown, and quarantine).

Zaguri Adi, Zalta Dana, Lubotzky Meitar, moses reut, Miron Noa


A relationship of mutual responsibility between the child and the character. The character is present both physically and virtually and is suitable for ages 9-12. The character will accompany the child during the day, from the moment of waking up to the moment of getting ready for sleep and will give a feeling of accompaniment and support during the lockdowns and the long stay at home during the corona period In return - the child will preserve the 'energy' of the character: will take care of feeding it, exercising with it, and letting it rest time from screens. With the help of this psychological consequence, the child will adopt a healthy lifestyle.

meich_design , adiza_design , noa.m_design , dzaltadesigns , tvpy25

Maman Goni, Samuel Aricha Yuval, Amar Tamar, Foxman Ronel


About 70 percent of teenagers gained weight during the corona pandemic. "Activism" - is an online youth movement designed to empower children and youth as agents of change to promote a healthy lifestyle. The platform provides a connection between the virtual and physical world, while paying attention to the empowering ability inherent in every child in his immediate environment, even in times of crisis and social disconnection. , gonymaman , tamar_a_design0.1 , ronelfoxman

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