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about the course

The situation we have encountered in the past year completely changes the perception of space, to which we have become accustomed in the last decades. Habits and perceptions are being re-tested, and actions we have taken for granted are no longer accessible to us. The uncertainty about the length of time our space will be limited and monitored, binds the time and space in reverse: The space is small, and time is getting longer. This is the main theme of this year's course. We examined the relationship between physical space and experience and virtual space and experience and the perceptual changes deriving therefrom. Inter alia, we operated in private physical spaces, which inevitably become public work and meeting spaces, a virtual experience of physical spaces and communication through screens. Since the course is designed to be entirely online, it is designed for remote work and display via screens.

*The aim of the course is to impart knowledge and understanding of the human experience in spaces and rooms, from a human scale and from the connection between an object and the general context and the architectural space. Emphasis is placed on understanding inclusive aspects of space design and the impact of space structure on human functioning and well-being.

Plia and Hadar Laub

Masks in a Speculative Scenario

Wearable accessory for the face, for creating interpersonal interaction while maintaining social distance.


Dima Dean and David

noise reduction

Creating a quiet space that is a temporary shelter within the public space by placing seating structures that reduce background noise. A street-adapted piece of furniture made of wooden boards connected to each other by wooden lugs, which complement a polygonal shape, attached to the floor with a hexagon-shaped steel pillar to preserve the polygonal structure.

david.j.attias , Dima_b20

Rotem Or and Hillel

sidewalk picnic

An outdoor dining table adapted to the Corona period that is put together on existing pillars in the street and creates a new dining experience.

orweng95 , rshpigel

Tehila and Sarel

A personal Space Helmet in a Public Space

A head object individually tailored to the user on which we conducted the study. The helmet allows for selective exposure through spreading and doubling the space that surrounds the user. Inside the helmet there is an internal mirror that visually increases the volume of the space and allows a comprehensive examination of the environment.

sarelat89 , tehilawagner

Emanuela Hai and Alumah

Being Bus Station

A means of increasing attendance while using mobile in transit spaces.

Emanuela_oren , hai_smama

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