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About the course

Global changes in recent decades - economic, social and technological - have led to changes in consumption habits in relation to the power center of corporations, companies and brands. From the unveiling of Nike's "sweatshops" in the '90s, to the Occupy Wall Street movement, manufacturers and corporations have realized they need to create a new agenda. Issues such as social and community responsibility, employment conditions, transparency and, of course - the climate crisis - were on the agenda. With these changes in mind, the course deals with the designer's place in the construction of brand strategy and brand values - their implications and meaning. Brands and branding processes are discussed in the broader context, with an emphasis on activism and design as a tool for change. With reference to the smallest details and the design language, the students develop a brand that reflects a worldview and a position.

Ezra Feldman and Shayna Orman

NATE- NowYou litter campaign

A campaign that aims to motivate people to collect waste.

eyf_design , shayna-orman

Adi Zaidel and Hadar Laub


A site that produces a platform for designers to create sizeless collections in an effort to change the existing "beauty model"..


Dima Bogoslaviz and Attias David


A mobile creation workshop, intended for homeless youth and offering interactive activities like building objects for their personal use or to donate to charities and the needy.

Dima_b20 , david.j.attias

Rotem Shpigel and Hadar Sasson


A platform that helps teachers build lesson plans based on the principles of the slowdown movement.

rshpigel , Hadar.sass

Or Wengroeicza and Emanuela Oren


A display for creating childhood accessories based on 3D prints and available materials.

orweng95 , Emanuela_oren

Tehila Vagner and Adi Levinger


Wood House - an educational platform for commemorating the Holocaust and promoting the values of equality and tolerance

tehilawagner , levingeradi

Itay Grober

Ninki - Raza Delma

A platform for promoting STEM professions among the marginalized ultra-Orthodox youth and dropouts from ultra-Orthodox institutions.


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