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About the course

The Structure and Material course is the first session in which students are required to develop all abilities and understanding in the transition from an idea through two-dimensional sketches, to an accurate three-dimensional model, so that they can actually illustrate the idea formed in their mind visually and physically. They learn how to design and create the model using different modeling materials and processing techniques and volume building in different methods, materials research, finishing techniques and color. In the concluding exercise of the 'Hybridization' course, students were asked to choose a product and design inspiration with which they would make a formal/design/functional hybrid, texture or anything that affects visibility, product use and model it in the most accurate way possible by scale.

shaul gan sinkler

Hybridization of Jixo and ancient stone vessels

ziv barlev

Hybridization of Guitar and bamboo

Ariel Yakobi

Hybridization of Heat spreader and bonfire

Dekel Izacson

Hybridization of Guitar and Volkswagen van

Noam Golany

Hybridization of a watch with an old vintage car

Roni Fadida

Hybridization of a lemon juicer with a dial telephone

Shilat Yifrach

Zippo lighter 6 times larger

gal peled

Car key 6 times larger

Adi Stern

Hybridization of Wristwatch and turtle

Keren Singer

Hybridization of Meter and snail

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