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About the course

Deepening the knowledge of available materials and accessible technologies, while conducting active design research and understanding the meaning of form and function. Assimilating the meaning of a concept and the context for technological feasibility within the home, designing a defined object and selling it to the public as part of a product development process. The Israeli market is full of creators blessed with talent and ability, yet the local arena is, naturally, small, crowded and routinely sweaty. This difficulty is significantly intensified, in light of the outbreak of the pandemic and its immediate consequences on the nature of the studio work. These days we continue to define the interaction between designer - material - technology, under completely different conditions, the ability to produce and process simple and available materials in the home becomes a logical option with regard to the economic-socio-political-health situation. For us, this is an opportunity to continue to formulate the core of the profession and test it in real terms. Do a handyman, a maker and a designer share the same DNA? What is the new routine? How do you continue to design up to 100 meters from home? What is a multi-functional work environment? and can a designer really hold a stick at both ends? The reality in which the designer is required to act is constantly changing, the designer's range of reference is complex and layered, among other things, because the designer deals with an environment in which there is a constant three-dimensional meaning in time and space for making decisions with zero vision, the difficulty alongside the magic in creation from nothing. Good design knows how to relate to the spirit of the time and adapt a plan to a given reality while running. If I have to isolate one feature from a variety of tools available to a designer, it will no doubt be resourceful, design based on an orderly process of experimentation and informed choice, action in the light of conclusions and insights and action by reasonable means in a way that has not yet been paved and under conditions that have not yet matured, make the impossible difficult, the difficult easy and the easy to a design with a personal statement and a price tag.

Yuval Samuel


Meditation stones made of concrete casting. Suitable for urban environment, play and decoration.

Goni Maman

wood string wallet

Wooden wallet sewn with rubber threads that holds cards by applying  pressure


Yael Wendel

OT- Design. Letter .love

Designing jewelry from Hebrew-language letters made of concrete. A game of form with the letters.


Ben Koren


A modular paint dreidel, made of cast crayons for unique printed 3D molds and a collapsible 3D printed plastic body. My reference in the project was to the colorful and after-life street life of the crayons without losing the playfulness and fun.


Adi Zaguri

Hot Drink Coaster

Coasters for cups made from remnants of garbage and polyester casting that were then covered with gold leaves.


Ronel Foxman

Scent tree

A memento of the disappearing terrain of the Jerusalem Mountains following the approval of a construction permit for a project on the mountain ridge. I wanted to create a memory of this site, highlighting the contrasting and urgent need to preserve our natural landscape while meeting the needs of an ever-growing and resource-consuming population. Made of pine needles and black iron  thread


Tehila Tzuriel

NOT any stuffed animal

Epoxy hardened fabric in the forms of endangered animals.


Moriya Aviashar

New String Art

Desk decoration made of epoxy-stiffened wool thread using string art methods (no nails)


Tomer Beyski

Hard Origami

Miniature origami shapes are covered with epoxy, thus retaining their strength. These shapes are meant to remind us of the simplicity of childhood, times when a simple page was just enough to enjoy and spend the time.



Dana Zalta

bottle opener

Using paper and resin I created a beer opener that could open any beer bottle.


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