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About the course

The world is changing on all levels - climate, health, social structures, technologies, needs, economic structures and we are experiencing changes in almost every field. In these times of great change, we are asked to examine the way we design for the new age and to examine the relevance of the modes and tools we employ to do so. New technologies and production processes are developed by experts in various disciplines according to diverse needs, and as we have seen in the past and it is clear today - you can produce almost anything you want today. The challenges in developing physical products shift to defining and researching uses, characterizing needs and more, and it is also important to clarify how designers see the future and design a product. How do you get there and how do you define what and how should it be produced and in what way? Does culture matter or only costs? How do you work within the tangle of challenges? Answers to these questions will be given during the course, where various methodologies are used with the aim of characterizing future needs and proposing solutions to them. The results of the course are a consequence of these moves, out of an aspiration to reach concrete models that are not necessarily related to specific existing technologies, but are aimed at a longer term, to a world whose production technologies are still difficult to predict today. The course included several projects that the students worked on and from which a selection of pens and home machines are presented here: Pen The pen is the end of our cultural connection. The pen constitutes an extension of the hand and allows us to express ideas in writing and drawing. As such, it is an accurate focal point and turning point - Our brain activates a hand holding a pen at the end of which are the ideas we have in mind, whether in writing or in a sketch. As part of the work process, materials and textures were formulated that express the students' personal preferences, following which the students designed a pen that embodies personal preferences and interests. Home machine Later in the course, there will be a centralized laboratory to examine whether technological changes may change the product development process and the significance of the result. This examination will be conducted by the question of whether innovation can be achieved following the change and adoption of new technologies: What happens when familiar functions are given new opportunities? As part of this phase, the students selected home machines of various types and in the work process, examined a combination of technologies and innovative materials that were assimilated into the products and led to changes in the essence of the product, its structure, and of course in the modes of operation and handling of these machines.

 David Attias
העבודה של דוד אטיאס- עט המגלם בתוכו את הרושם שנצרב לאחר הליכה ביער.
Wengroeicz Or
העבודה של אור ונגרוביץ- עט בהשראת אוכל המתמקד במושגים חושים, הגשה וחומר
 Levinger Adi
העבודה של עדי לוינגר- עט בהשראת עולם הסריגה המגלם מבניות, סביבתיות ועמלנות
Orman Shayna
העבודה של שיינא אורמן- עט הכולל בתוך עיצוב את כל החלקים שלו
 Laub Hadar
העבודה של הדר לאוב- עט המבטא מאמץ, סיפוק ואחיזה
 Oren Emanuela
העבודה של עמנואלה אורן- עט המעוצב בהשראת חווית קניות בחניות יד שניה
 Grober Itay
העבודה של איתי גרובר- עט בהשראת דיסקית שעוצבה בעקבות החלל החיצון,
Bogoslavics Dimitri
העבודה של דימה בוגוסלביץ'- נוחות, שליטה ואנדרנלין נובעים מתוך עולם האקסטרים
 Vagner Tehila
העבודה של תהילה וגנר- עט המעוצב על בסיס דיסקית DNA
 Sasson Hadar
העבודה של הדר ששון- עט בהשראת ערכים מהירח, נסתר וגלוי, מחזוריות וכוח משיכה
 Zafrany Zeev
העבודה של זאב זפרני- הדינמיות של העט, הצבעוניות המתחלפת, והצורניות שלו- באים לבטא תשוקה כמשהו בוער, חדש ואחר כל פעם ובלתי נגמר
העבודה של שראל עטיה- עט המושפע מחווית הגלישה בים
העבודה של שראל עטיה- עט המושפע מחווית הגלישה בים

First exercise: a Pen


The pen constitutes the very manifestation of our cultural backgrounds. It is an extension of the hand that allows us to express ideas in writing and drawing. It provides a precise focal point for ideas in its form and functionality: the hand, operated by the mind, then operates a device through which ideas may be documented and made real through notes and sketches. Throughout this process, students debated the materials, textures, and shapes that they prefer, designing pens that reflect their concepts and personal areas of interest.

David Attias

Vacuum Cleaner

A smart vacuum cleaner for everyday use, specially designed for small spaces and hard-to-reach areas


Dima Bogoslaviz

Cof Mac camping coffee maker

Compact coffee machine for the traveler, suitable for challenging terrain conditions, and has the ability to pump water from any source that is with found you. A round structure with 3 removable legs allows espresso coffee to be prepared in the field and anywhere.


Emanuela Oren

I RON - Ironing Machine

Iron that can detect fabric type and cut, automatically adjusting its surface and functions to reduce the number of movements and enable optimal precision


Itay Grober

PUUR - Water Purifier

A filter that can be used with a wide range of bottles to clean and purify water. PUUR encourages users to hydrate and track their drinking habits


Netanel Danzig

iron duet

This iron is a combination of a heat iron and a steam iron that can work separately. In this way it can be used for any occasion.

Human design

Adi Levinger

cubee- Coffee Machine

A coffee machine designed for the students, who need coffee and quiet. The machine is adapted for making coffee in complete silence according to the busy student's schedule.


Ezra Feldman

Morfix Ironing Machine

A smart ironing machine that can iron both straight and curved surfaces.


Hadar Sasson

NOVA - Mixer

A smart mixer made of Morfix that can adjust to different mixing functions by changing the mixing bowls.


Or Wengroeicz


A flying vacuum cleaner with a Morfix nozzle that changes its shape depending on the type of pumping surface


Tehila Wagner


A designated industrial heating iron for thick fabrics that can identify types of  textile fibers while ironing


Hadar Laub

Induction Iron

Aninnovative heating iron, concentrating particularly on the relation and hierarchy that exist between iron and ironing board. As the concept developed and current technologies were considered, I decided to switch roles (making the board a "smart" device and the iron without any of its current technological features). The induction board only heats up when the magnetically plated iron touches its surface. This role reversal allows for a much lighter and easy-to-use iron, making the process safer and energy efficient. Moreover, smart board sensors can detect fabric type, automatically adjusting temperature to suit each fabric’s requirements.

Rotem Shpigel

Water Purifier

A water purifier that encourages multiple drinking, contains several drinking options, and changes its contents as needed.


Dean de Groot

BOW Coffee Machine

Individual set of espresso machine capsules and milk-frother separately, inspired by Japanese culture using "Morfix" material.

Elia Klapholz

IMF (iron mini fast)

Small and ergonomic iron, easy to use and store in small spaces, designed for people with careers and families. The water tanks of the iron are made of Morfix and allow standard ironing and in addition to the iron, a storage compartment for the water tanks and a cooling surface that allows the iron to be stored immediately after use, without waiting for it to cool down.

Elia klapholz

Shayna Orman

LOLA- Water Purifier

Water filter adapted to the mother outside and inside the house


Rani Ben Shalom


A smart mixer designed for confectioners, which includes a recipe app and orders and adjustment for different bowls. The mixer allows for simple and efficient work and compact and fast storage.

Adi Zaidel

Ironing Machine

A machine suitable for businesswomen who need to combine work and home life. The machine is suitable for storage in small spaces and saves the waiting time before and after ironing.


Plia Mendel

Water Purifier

A Water dispenser for potted plants that provides the right quantity and quality of water. The nozzle opens and closes according to  need and can be managed using an app that also provides information on  each plant.


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