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About the course

During the course, students became acquainted with the inherent possibilities of combining soft materials in products. The students gained experience in developing a product that combines textiles and soft materials, while getting acquainted with basic concepts and tools in the fields of textiles, fabric types, finishing techniques, design and work in front of inspiration boards of color and material settings. The course included two exercises. One, an opening exercise of developing a pattern (repeated pattern) based on soft materials and cold connectors. The second, and main exercise, dealt with the evolution of their pattern from the first exercise into a unique product.

Eliran Abukasis Noa Miron
Sea | Aboksis Eliran and Noa Miron
Hemdat Ruzitsky Tehilla Zuriel
Nature | Tehila Tzuriel and Hemdat Rozitsky
Meitar Lubotzky Yael Wallis Wandel
Without the Evil Eye | Meitar Lubotsky and Yael Wallis Wendell
Yuval Samuel Aricha
Orchid | Yuval Samuel-Aricha
Zohar Phipps Noam Sharon
PurLow | Zohar Pips and Noam Sharon

Intermediate exercise


Repeat pattern based on soft materials and connectors

Concluding exercise:

The evolution of the pattern from the first exercise into a unique product

Goni Maman, Moriah Har Lavan and Avital Golan


Dinosaur dolls, whose various parts are connected by screws, develop children's fine motor skills and imagination, as they can create any doll they want.

gonymaman , moriyagod , avital.industrialdesign

Aboksis Eliran and Noa Miron

Clutch Bag

In the initial pattern, we decided to make an adjustment to everything we felt at the time. The large sheet was sand-colored and the sea came with slight hints, peeking behind the shore, hesitant, not sure if he was allowed to go outside. A field of rigid symmetry, inspired by the guidelines and restrictions of the past year that left no room for expression. Next, we chose to take the pattern in a more elegant and classic direction, the opposite of the simplicity that the feeling of the sea brings. We decided to create a minimal evening bag, right when the sea colors became as strong and prominent as the desire to do the opposite of what we were used to last time.

noa.m_design , eliransdesign

Yuval Samuel-Aricha


A conceptual transition object, with the orchid in the center as an image of the female genitalia. At the core of the project was the desire to promote education for healthy sexuality from an early age.

Meitar Lubotzky

Protection from the Evil Eye

A laptop bag inspired by the Turkish Nazaar mascot who wards against the evil eye. Elegant and lightweight, it includes theft protection and extra security.


 Wallis Wandel Yael
לוח השראה

Yael Wallis Wendell

Hamsa Hamsa

The psychology behind the clothing you walk around in has a significant impact on your feelings and mood. I chose to design a vest that aims to provide a sense of empowerment and confidence to the women wearing it by using the original pattern, combining striking colors and a manufacturing method using both advanced laser cutting technology with a sewing technique.


Tehila Tzuriel and Hemdat Rozicki

Geodesic Stool

A stool that combines geometric shapes and elements, creating a complex three-dimensionality. We tried to combine the form and airiness of the pattern components with materials and volume that create a complex product, giving a sense of simplicity and harmony. Our stool choice stemmed from the idea of nature, in which we are guests for a moment. We cannot fully understand it, but we got inspiration and atmosphere from it.

Hem.dat , tehillazi

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