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About the course

The course on products seeks to challenge the formal definitions of a bicycle frame and thus demonstrate the student's perception of the subject. It also allows them to reflect the breadth and depth of research when it comes to designing one. This course focuses the work within a binding complex that relies on a broad theoretical and practical infrastructure, in which acquired knowledge can be applied for the benefit of developing a bicycle frame. This causes the disappearing to evaporate and makes the project feasible. The structure design, or skeleton, is a relevant basis for almost any project in any subject. So, from a disciplinary point of view, to the bicycle’s credit, it can be said that they succeeded in challenging technological and material move that exemplifies the complex creation as a whole.

Emanuela Oren, Hadar Sasson, Plia Mendel, Chai Samma and Or Vangrovich


Bicycles that encourage stretching before and after riding.

orweng95 , Emanuela_oren , Hadar.sass , hai_smama , pliahmandell

Ezra Feldman, Itai Gruber, Adi Levinger, Dima Boguselevich, Tehila Wagner and Shina Orman


Bicycles that encourage stretching before and after riding.

Dima_b20 , shayna-orman , eyf_design , levingeradi , tehilawagner , itaygrophotos

Hadar Laub, Rotem Spiegel, David Atias, Sarel Atia, Anat Hajaj and Reni Ben Shalom


Bicycles that create a shared riding experience for a rider and their dog.

rshpigel , david.j.attias , sarelat89

Hillel Nachliel, Dean de Groot, Ron Gurbagi, Omri Shatir and Adi Seidel

Third Wheel

Wood House - Stylish city bikes combined with a green KEPS system to create artificial momentum designed to reduce the effort required from the rider.

adizaidel2 , sir_omri

Linoy Ovadia, Nati Danzig, Yael Ben Hamo, Elia Klapholtz and Daniel Gordanski


A balance bike for children that also becomes a scooter with a 180° rotation of the chassis. Designed for ages 3-5.

Human design , yaelbenhamu , Elia klapholz , danikgoro

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