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Basic course in the field of characterization and design of the user experience. In the course, students become acquainted with basic concepts in the field of user experience, as well as the methodologies and tools that are accepted in the world of digital design and in the high-tech industry in general. This year, the main theme of the course was "Corona". Students were asked to locate design opportunities related to this unique period to characterize solutions in the digital world. The identification of opportunities and the selection of solutions were done using methodologies from the field of Design Thinking.

Tehila Wagner and Adi Zaidel


An app for young people which is a platform for alternative encounters in times of physical distance.

adizaidel2 , tehilawagner

Linoy and Yael


A social app for travelers abroad in the days of Corona, which contains all the relevant information about the restrictions of each country, and in addition organizes all the documents to prevent confusion or forgetfulness.


Plia and Hadar


An app for Corona patients and recoveries that helps going back to the previous routine of life.

pliahmandell , Hadar.sass

Hillel Rani and Rotem


A system that includes a learning system website and an app that centralizes and accompanies the teacher in all phases of distance teaching, from the stage of building the lesson, delivering it, and answering students' questions.


Sarel Hai and Hadar

Bdude App for Quarantine Patients

Following the new reality that the Corona pandemic has imposed upon us, many people have been forced into quarantine due to fear of infection. The duration of quarantine ranges from a few days to two weeks, a long time that is accompanied by uneasy feelings in the person who is in quarantine. Feelings of loneliness, loss and missing out that create lack of motivation, pain, and frustration. Out of a desire to make it easier on the person in quarantine and spend the time in a more productive and pleasant way, we identified in a study we conducted, several points that we addressed in the development and design of the app. The app can only be used during quarantine, so the users will feel that they are part of a community and are not alone in the world. The applications in the app seek to create a clear agenda, while setting personal goals in order to maintain sanity and uniqueness of the days within the quarantine routine. To ease the feeling of missing out, we created a system that connects people who are close to the person in quarantine, while purchasing small gifts and sending them through the app to create a sense of closeness, despite the distance, and minimize the feeling of missing out on the person in quarantine. Another application deriving from the research, is the creation of a community of quarantine patients where experiences, insights and mutual psychological help can be conveyed. The community is in real time - this creates uniqueness within the variety of social media and can only be joined during the quarantine time and not after it. Another application offers a variety of activities that are personally designed for the users while getting to know their hobbies and the duration of their quarantine time. The activities will form an anchor on a daily basis and upon the end of the quarantine, the process will end, and the product will be completed. In addition, there is an option to request help from a friend who can help with a need or physical shortage that the person in quarantine is not allowed to fulfill.

sarelat89 , hai_smama

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