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About the course

Third year-opening seminar in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Department at Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital. Supervised by Yifat Keinan from the Department of Inclusive Industrial Design, Renana Adani from the Department of Physiotherapy, and Idit Samale from the Department of Occupational Therapy.  

The seminar has been held every year, since 2015, and deals with promoting the patient experience in medical institutions. The seminar lasted for 5 intensive days and included, inter alia, online observations, documentation and research of the way of working and the tools available to therapists, identifying needs, abilities, aspirations and design opportunities. The seminar ended with the presentation of practical solutions for promoting the patients' experience according to the principle of inclusion. These solutions were forwarded to the Departments of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy for further research and development.

Adi, Plia, Hillel and Rotem


An activity board for strengthening the finger pads, using fine motor skills and manual manipulation by inserting semicircles into hexagons in the game board.

adizaidel2 , pliahmandell , rshpigel

Or Wenerowicz, Emanuela Oren, and Ezra Feldman


A clamp system for improving fine motor skills and extending range of motion. The clamps have a range of gripping handles and can be attached to various objects in the space. The system can be connected using wires to create various shapes, and the different configurations possible with colored wires enable users to practice working against resistance, honing their motor skills, and increasing their range. The handles are designed to allow for many variations of connections and for users of varying skill.

orweng95 , Emanuela_oren , eyf_design

Yael and Hai

Loaning Equipment from "Yad Sarah"

Redesign for referral for equipment loan from Yad Sarah, from the Physiotherapy Department at Hadassah Hospital, which raises the motivation to collect the required equipment.

yaelbenhamu , hai_smama

Rani, Tehila and Shayna


A therapeutic game whose purpose is to stabilize and fix different areas of the hand and allow movement of the desired organs. The game was born out of a necessity for occupational therapists in the Rehabilitation Department at Hadassah Hospital - Practice with the patients, allow them to move forward and move their various organs in various movements - in an experiential, respectful and proactive way. The game is designed for people with functional difficulty in the hand, who have difficulty moving the required organs and as a result, use compensatory movements of other organs. Difficulty usually results from a stroke.

shayna-orman , tehilawagner

Hadar Hadar and Alumah

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Redesign to a pelvic floor rehabilitation follow-up form designed for children with reference to functional, emotional, and cultural aspects.


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