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An application that accesses essential information for IDF and national service veterans - civilians, religious and secular, aged 18-35. The app is designed to guide users along important points in their lives and teach them how to conduct themselves in front of the various bureaucratic bodies in the country


Moderator: Yoram Pony

Young people who start their lives, go out into the world without sufficient knowledge of vital bureaucratic issues, and as a result a confusion is created that leads to growing frustration in the encounter with the various bureaucratic bodies.  Today, many young people are forced to seek help from the adults around them or from the various websites regarding vital bureaucratic issues. The Internet is flooded with a lot of content, some of which are reliable and some of which are incorrect and can be misleading. In addition, the information offered on the designated sites today, is not accessible enough and burdensome on the user. The esco application combines point-by-point, reliable, relevant, and accessible information in the most convenient way for the user. 
The aim of the project is to address the confusion and frustration that arise from the moment of stepping out to citizenship, by making information accessible in the most convenient way for today's generation, accompanying young people along important points in their lives, helping to build the future, and providing assistance in dealing with the various government ministries.  The design chosen is derived from the need for a soothing look, as the issue of bureaucracy is an issue that is difficult to approach. In addition, the app is dynamic and designed according to current trends-Today's generation, to which the app addresses, is accustomed to fast and clear rotation and clear visuals on screens. The text is sparse and refined into the main points. Today's generation is used to reading little and understanding a lot.
Roni Feldman Haidu

A little about me

Roni Feldman Haidu

I chose Industrial Design as a profession out of the belief that I could improve everyday things that may seem insignificant to some of us, but with a small improvement, can lead to a great improvement in the experience of those using them.

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