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A physical and online learning kit for imparting advanced learning skills to fourth- and sixth graders.


Moderator: Kenny Segal

The education system does not always allow students to learn up-to-date tools that will serve them in the future and allow them to discover their strengths.  Since the future is unknown in terms of employment, and because children are exposed to abundant knowledge, the question arises as to what are the same tools that should be made accessible to children in the educational system in 21st century?

As part of the project, I developed a learning platform, which is reflected in a learning kit, which will allow students the space they need to learn, and will create intrinsic motivation, learning for learning and out of curiosity.   With the help of kit, the student acquires 21st century skills, advanced skills of independent learning, correct thinking, and a meaningful research process from a positive experience, which will help him in all stages of life.

"Students learn well when they are involved in the learning process through their minds, imaginations, emotions and bodies; The product of this involvement is an understanding of valuable ideas"

Prof. Yoram Harpaz

"A child who has internalized the positive results of self-learning and hard work will not soon forget them. A child who has learned how to learn and work to fulfill his dreams, alone or in a group, will be able to acquire new knowledge at any age"

Dr. Roy Cesena

The learning kit can be used as an independent learning system, or as part of classroom and group lesson plans, under the guidance of the teacher. The test case presented in the project is a learning kit on the subject of the "heart system", as part of a set of kits on the subject of the "human body". The vision is to develop additional kits in the future on a wide range of study topics: history, literature, the Bible, etc., based on the developed method.

A little about me

Sapir Rabinowitz

Product designer and user experience, with a great passion for problem solving. Believes that good design can change the face of reality. Strives to design creatively for human needs, using in-depth research and user understanding.

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