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Intelligent call management with artificial intelligence to prevent fatigue while driving.


Moderator: Yoram Pony

20% of road accidents in Israel and around the world occur as a result of falling asleep while driving. This fatigue is called Microsleep - a very short sleep between one second and 30 seconds - and it is the most dangerous sleep while driving, as it can harm the driver and his surroundings. After many studies, I have found that in order to prevent fatigue, the driver must create a discourse, thus distracting from the fatigue and making him activate the brain, the only muscle that can be worked with while driving without getting physically tired, and without leaving distractions that interfere with and endanger driving.  The goal of the project is to save lives on the roads. The new thing in my offer is that no one has yet taken the value of having a road call. A companion on the road is an important value for keeping the road alert, and the innovation is to make it an accessible form for the driver with the help of an external accessory (tier 2), which interfaces to the dashboard and projects on the windshield a selected figure with whom he conducts the stimulating discourse, with relevant questions and answers appropriate to the driver.  In addition, the app connects to the accessory and lets it control the character's settings, questions, voice, etc.


the app connects to the accessory and lets it control the character's settings, questions, voice, etc.


Accompanied figure

A basic character that everyone gets, a minimalist character you can add details to it or replace it with a character of a close person


Car add-on

Tier 2 projector and face sensor
The projector projects on the used the character with whom the conversation is conducted
And a face sensor detects the driver's fatigue

A little about me

Yarden Kalfus

A creative designer, with a high capability of combining design, content and media management on social networks. Excellent control of 3D software and graphics software.

A curious, creative person with high aesthetic abilities, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of developing creative solutions.

Possesses rapid independent learning ability and believes in entrepreneurship and innovation. He has a high sense of service and works well in a team.
Additionally, he is independent and achieves results with added results.

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