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An app for making health services accessible to asylum seekers, focusing on bridging language and cultural gaps, and providing an emergency response.


Moderator: Yifat Keinan

A time when millions of people around the world move in search of better opportunities - whether in employment and wages, in education and training, in social conditions, or in the transition from danger zones and military conflicts to safer countries - the rights granted to them in the country they visit are determined by their status.  And what if they have no status?  Providing quality medical and therapeutic services to the population of asylum seekers is a huge challenge.  In the past year, I have volunteered at the Asylum Seekers Clinic in Jerusalem, experimented with creating channels of communication with asylum seekers and explored design ways to improve health services at these clinics. As part of the project, I researched how to streamline the provision of medical service, shorten treatment time, and reduce the fear of staff in the clinic - through branding, visual means, and an app I designed.   The design ideas and principles I have developed address the challenge of communication difficulties resulting from verbal and cultural gaps, traumas, and economic constraints. The project is based on practical and empathetic solutions that bridge various gaps and may bring about change and promote the medical care provided to asylum seekers in Israel.

Amit Yankovich

A little about me

Amit Yankovich

I love creating meaningful solutions across physical and digital platforms that drive creative, rational and emotional change.

I am excited to discover new ways of thinking, learn different technologies, enrich my knowledge and explore new frontiers. In my spare time, I love yoga and climb.

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