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A digital platform for improving mental health services: A personal 3D journey.


Moderator: Kenny Segal

The world of therapy is changing. Face-to-face therapy will always have a place, this is our human nature. But the reality is that in the last year, 80% of the therapists who previously treated only face-to-face, started treating through the computer as well. This trend is expected to rise and strengthen, and in such a reality, we should develop new digital tools that will support traditional treatment methods and especially online therapy. 

DEXTRO is a  VR  platform that enables the expression of patients' inner world. Through research I have discovered that this can be done through stimulation of the right lobe in the brain.

Stimulation of the right lobe

A person's mind helps him to open up and allows him to express the subconscious through non-verbal tools.
This process makes it possible to streamline and refine the treatment.

Our brain has a left lobe and a right lobe, the left lobe is responsible for the processes of logical thinking and knowledge and the right lobe for the processes of visual processing, creation, imagination and emotion.

Bar Kin

A little about me

Bar Kin

I am a city man who grew up on a kibbutz.
I am proud to say that I grew up on TV and movies when I did not feed guinea pigs in my uncle's petting zoo.

I love stories more than anything: their visual side, the content, the small details, the message and most importantly - the experience they convey.

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