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Communication and expression tools for children with chronic illnesses in prolonged hospitalizations.


Moderator: Galit Shabu

Most children having to undergo long hospitalizations are not involved in the decision-making process regarding their treatment, a fact that leaves them feeling uncertain, insecure, and invisible. Children need a platform for self-expression that enables them to process emotions, regain control over their lives, and improve their mood. 

Amigo is a doll for children with chronic diseases that must undergo treatments and hospital stays, giving them the control and support they need during their journey. This platform for communication and self-expression is often missing during hospitalization and the doll becomes a significant source of comfort. 

Amigo is versatile, and children can attach additional elements or replace some after completing each medical procedure. Children select parts, where they should fit , and how the doll will appear. They can paint, sew, and alter it to express their current mood. This makes children, partners in their own recovery and treatment, developing their imaginative skills as they continue to make changes.

A versatile doll that can be changed

Doll accessories in basic shapes that allow the child to develop the imagination and inspired by medical procedures

Daniella Kenner

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Daniella Kenner

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