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A wearable technological accessory that monitors and detects flashback attacks for people with PTSD while releasing multi-sensory counter-trigger to reduce and stop the flashback.


Moderator: Dina Shahar

People with Post-traumatic stress disorder face a challenging and not-so-simple reality of life that is characterized, inter alia, by flashbacks. During a flashback, the body repeats the physical and emotional responses that arose during the traumatic event. For example, when a person who was in a battle recalls the trauma, he will remember the fear and diffuculty he expirience. However, If he has a flashback he will re-experience the trauma, hear the bullets whistling, feel the sweat, his pulse will rise, and he may act as if he is currently on the battlefield (e.g., seeking shelter). The flashbacks are evoked by external triggers, which many people don’t usually give a second thought to. Examples to triggers can be a motorcycle sounding like an alarm, a person walking on the street reminicent of the attacker, the smell of fire etc. These flashbacks are part of the reasons why people with PTSD will choose to avoid places and events where there is potential for triggers, thereby harming their quality of life.

As I researched and heard more about existing treatments, I realized that there is no solution that fits into the daily lives and wide range of situations for those living with flashbacks. My product relies on an innovative idea, technology and design tools that can be used to reduce the intensity of the flashback, allowing a feeling of security, and improving the quality of care.

Anchor is a wearable product that identifies a flashback according to physiological metrics, alerts the user and releases a multi-sensory counter-trigger that can reduce the intensity of the flashabck and even stop it. The counter-trigger is based on the principles of the Grounding Technique and activates all the senses. The main sense is smell and it's effect is valid in many studies. The user can additionally define sonic, visual, and sensory elements that will complement the scent component and intensify its effect.

The device can be worn in a variety of ways: as a watch, a bracelet and as a necklace. This allows the device to be suitable for a wide range of users and situations, allowing maximum adjustment as needed.



Allows full adjustment to the user both at the styling level and at the counter trigger level.
In addition, the application enables monitoring and collection of data that indicate the quality and effectiveness of the treatment and orderly follow-up with the direct therapist who accompanies the entire process of using the product.


A little about me

Eliya Ohana

Ever since I can remember, I have loved creating and understanding how things work. I strongly believe in using the power of design to enhance and streamline everything around us. I also believe in technology’s capability to advance us and in the power of creation in fulfilling the soul.

As a designer and an active person in society, my works stems from an awareness of the difficulties and draws a lot of inspiration from nature and the immediate environment. So, I love to travel, discover new places and expand my familiar boundaries.

During my studies, I acquired many tools, both practical, research and design. I am especially connected to the field of service design and medical product development.

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