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Therapeutic gardening system for people with intellectual disabilities.


Moderator: Dina Shahar

Therapeutic gardening is the use of plants, gardening activities and the innate love of man for nature as a means of improving physical and mental quality of life.  The garden is a space for gardening activities and related activities that serve as a means of creating a therapeutic process and achieving therapeutic goals. "Grow it Yourself" is a kit for growing herbs that takes the grower/gardener through a process of connecting to plants and harnessing it to take responsibility for growing and cultivating them. It includes accessories for creating personal gardening kits for people with intellectual disabilities and an accompanying training system for therapists and guiders. Through the creation of personal gardening space, the reflection and empowerment of garden processes and its long-term care, the kit promotes cognitive aspects and sensorimotor actions in patients, and develops in them a sense of belonging, ability, and responsibility.


The parts placed on the ground are made of consumables, which in the outdoor conditions of the garden dissolve and become part of the garden soil and even fertilize it.
The elements in the kit are designed in round shapes, come to hint at the circularity that is in our life, and the circular cycles that beam in the garden.

The assessment was born out of a desire to make the field of therapeutic gardening accessible to the population of people with intellectual disabilities. Gardening is an optimal therapeutic tool, but a guide who specializes in therapeutic gardening is needed in order to give the patient appropriate tools of learning and experience.
The "Garden" kit comes in order to provide therapeutic tools without the need for a guide who specializes in therapeutic gardening. It is suitable for any user who has a willingness to work with the touch of the earth, who has a guide who believes in him and wants to promote him.

The user has a place to decide and a choice but there is no room to make a mistake. The kit is designed in a way that directs it towards its purpose and towards its use and proper growth of the plant.

A little about me

Shifra Gerner

Designer of experiences.
Has empathy and intuition.
Simplicity is the magic word that guides me towards the search for aesthetics and function.
Attracted to nature, people and things that evoke joy.

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