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A Futuristic device based on big data high-tech methods to improve quality of life in various areas.


Moderator: Yoram Pony

Less than 20 years ago, we lived in a world where the smartphone was imaginary. Today it is the most widely available and widely used means of communication. It allows us to get to almost any piece of information we need to know from the simplest things to much more complicated things.

Today we use it for everything - communication, learning, entertainment. We are at a certain peak in the development of technology. DataView is a system that has come to take part in the revolution that the Earth is going through and will continue to go through in the coming years.

data scraping

So how does this happen? The DataView device displays interactive information that helps you in your daily life using AR MR and AI technologies. It combines and shows the data that is most correct for you through holograms and AI voice over, for example: In the event of a faulty product repair at home, you can connect to a DataView device to scan the product. One can also put the problem in words to examine the fault and see repair options without having to search data online (Which a lot of people have a hard time with). The system creates a voice dialog with the user and gives him options to choose from (by using Data scraping). The user chooses the options that best suit him and receives further instructions until satisfactory results.

Models and testing

A little about me

Daniel Stern

An industrial designer who strives to design logical and simplistic designs
In his eyes, a successful product is measured by its level of simplicity and logical functionalities produced for the user.

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